Brian Ripps

So Many Thanks. . .


This photo (courtesy of ShootMePeter) goes a long way to describe a great many things I’d have to say for myself, and everyone else involved with this past Monday night at Webster Hall.  I set out to cultivate an experience and feel I was wise enough to ask for help from a group of friends that have only ever brought the best out of me over the varying course of years I’ve known them all.  Everyone came to play.  Everyone came prepared.  Everyone contributed their seasoning and spice to a night that was truly brimming with flavor.  Lucky guy.

I am forever thankful.  I am warmed and humbled by the love and affection that flowed both ways from stage to crowd and back.  I am still filled with the joy we all felt together sharing the stage on a Monday evening.  And more than ever before I am inspired to set the bar even higher for this growing family and again exceed expectation.

Cheers to all of our collective evolution and to being part of the proof that music speaks where words cannot.

Thank you.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Brian Ripps

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