Brian Ripps

Tour wrap up, new music, the road ahead!

I have sat down to write this enough times that I think now I’m just going to go for it and give the brevity thing a try.

The last year has been such a wild ride and it would not have been complete without so many of you that I need to thank.  From couches and guest rooms to crash in, to rides and personal tour guides all around Los Angeles, Boston, Nashville and Chicago, my gratitude cannot go understated and I can’t wait to pay you all back in kind with new music, hugs, and love the next time I come through your city.  It was with your help that I was able to be part of a chapter that raised over one million dollars for cancer research – and the Tour4ACure would not have been possible without you.

Keep your eyes on the calendar so you can come catch a show if you’re in my neighborhood or when I’m going to be back in yours!  In the meantime please enjoy the first cut of my new song Verge of Breaking and feel free to share it widely!