Brian Ripps



“The first guitar I used to gig full time was a Breedlove Dreadnought. I deviated briefly and used a Yamaha concert body for a couple of months before returning to using a Breedlove C250/EO Concert body. I love the pickups, the tuner and the string-thru bridge and have been using that model ever since. I also play a Breedlove Jumbo which I used most recently to record the entirety of my solo record, “For All Ears.” Currently, my main axe is a Breedlove C25/SRe.”

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Life of a Rockstar™ Interview

Brian Ripps has the voice of Chris Cornell–whom he names as a huge music influence–and says he has been greatly impacted by John Mayer’s music over the years. The singer/songwriter from New York City says of the power of music, “it has helped shape my universe and has opened doors for me that I never would have imagined possible.

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ModCityMag Interview

Ripps has released two full-length records with his band The Turn, along with a solo covers album and an acoustic solo record. All of these opportunities however have not simply been handed to Ripps, rather is a result of hard work, dedication and time.

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Lady Obscure Interview

I began my full time musical career roughly 4.5 years ago. At the time I was waiting tables and bar tending at two different restaurants. I had been filling in with a couple of bands playing guitar and singing backup vocals at their local gigs. Over time I discovered that there was a realistic outlet for my own voice to be expressed and began seeking gigs on my own.

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